1. to third-party sites covering global and regional scientific information on our oceans. Archived 6/30/2019
  2. NEW Official Anti-Jewish Acts: Few realize the extent of Official Acts against Jews during the last 2,500 years. This work shows 2,763 Acts Official Anti-Jewish Acts from 456 B.C.E. to Dec. 31, 2000, including 2,539 non-Nazi Acts and 224 Nazi-era Acts from 1920 to 1945.
  3. The Three Richard A. Clarke National Scholarly Monograph Competitions: 2011, 2012 and 2013, covering the lesson learned from 9/11; effective, alternative means of preventing violent extremism; and are drone attacks moral or legal?
  4. Who funds the NRA?: A look at who funds The National Rifle Association (NRA). Archived 7/27/2015