U.S. Politics

  1. 2000 U.S. Presidential Election: Analysis of the Impact of Ralph Nader and One Florida County’s Confusing Ballot Design: A modest paper based primarily on math. Archived 11/9/2020
  2. 9/11 and related events: A searchable database in timeline format, of over 7,800 sourced quotes, covering events seemingly related to 9/11 such as oil, George W. Bush, Saddam Hussein, al Qaeda, our subsequent invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, torture, and much more.
  3. AboutTrump.org (and Biden): A free searchable database containing over 42,000 sourced quotes by and about Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Partially Archived 1/20/2021
  4. Barack Obama: Information and facts covering his birth, school, early years, and presidency, 1,292 pieces of legislation, 69 signing statements, 267 executive orders, 12 vetoes, 1,842 pardons and commutations, 1,180 proclamations, 635 memoranda, and 3,427 speeches and remarks – from 1/20/2009 through 1/19/2017. Archived 1/19/2017
  5. Benghazi: U.S. Government reports on Benghazi – A cover up by the left, the right’s red herring… or? Archived 3/1/2017
  6. George W. Bush: Information and facts covering his birth, school, early years, and presidency, 1,831 pieces of legislation, 168 signing statements, 289 executive orders, 12 vetoes, 193 pardons and commutations, 939 proclamations, 1,093 memoranda, and 4,184 speeches and remarks – 8 years from 1/20/2001 through 1/19/2009. Archived 1/7/2016
  7. Second Amendment: Many pieces of the puzzle that make up our individual rights to arms.
  8. Special Investigations Involving U.S. Presidents and Their Admins Since 1973: A new report that compares special investigations involving Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, and Trump by total cost, per day cost, total time of investigations, and other data.
  9. The U.S./Cuban Embargo: A searchable database, in timeline format, containing over 600 sourced quotes about Cuba and the U.S. embargo of Cuba from government officials, journalists, authors and others. Archived 11/8/2017
  10. NEW Trump Impeachments Overview: An overview of the process for both impeachments of Donald Trump, as compared to the impeachment processes for Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton.
  11. VoterInfo: A site to be built for all U.S. Elections. Funding is needed to help build an organization to conscientiously produce comprehensive nonpartisan voter information covering all U.S. elections, local, state and national. That voter information should be available free through available delivery systems. The organization should be run by a nonprofit organization with a board represented by the major political parties, and should have a nationally respected CEO. The operation should be operated under strict nonpartisan bylaws and have transparent policies. If you have an interest in discussing or possibly helping with this project, please contact Steven C. Markoff.
  12. Was the ACA (Obamacare) Negotiated by the Democrats in Secret?: Some facts of the 427-day process of turning the ACA (Obamacare) into law, including final vote tallies, the “if you like your doctor” statements, the compromises, and the 19 taxes, penalties, fees, revenue enhancements, and deduction eliminations. Archived 7/30/2017