I. Our Mission:

– Help a few people and organizations that serve a charitable, educational or humanitarian purpose.

– Produce and support research on diverse topics, usually with national public policy implications.


II. Our Research by Category:

U.S. Politics          Voting             Science           Education           Military           Sports          


III. Research in Alphabetical Order:

  1. 9/11 and related events: A searchable database in timeline format, of over 7,350 sourced quotes, covering events seemingly related to 9/11 such as oil, George W. Bush, Saddam Hussein, al Qaeda, our subsequent invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, torture, and much more.
  2. Barack Obama: Information and facts covering his birth, school, early years, and presidency, 1,292 pieces of legislation, 69 signing statements, 267 executive orders, 12 vetoes, 1,842 pardons and commutations, 1,180 proclamations, 635 memoranda, and 3,427 speeches and remarks – from 1/20/2009 through 1/19/2017.
  3. BenghaziU.S. Government reports on Benghazi – A cover up by the left, the right’s red herring… or?
  4. The brains of Conservatives and Liberals are different: 20 peer-reviewed neuroscience studies show that liberals and conservatives process the same data differently.
  5. Donald TrumpA searchable database containing sourced quotes from and related to Donald Trump.
  6. George W. BushInformation and facts covering his birth, school, early years, and presidency, 1,831 pieces of legislation, 168 signing statements, 289 executive orders, 12 vetoes, 193 pardons and commutations, 939 proclamations, 1,093 memoranda, and 4,184 speeches and remarks – 8 years from 1/20/2001 through 1/19/2009.
  7. The National Anthem & the NFL: Is the National Anthem a proper symbol of America or a symbol of its racist past?
  8. OceanInfo.org: Links to third-party sites covering global and regional scientific information on our oceans.
  9. UPDATED Plastics, Pollution & Solutions: Recycling programs and solutions: Plastic pollution is a problem that affects the entire world, polluting both land and water. Updated information on current recycling issues, and organizations and technologies dedicated to solving plastics pollution.
  10. NEW Second Amendment and the 2008 Supreme Court decision District of Columbia v. Heller: Substantial sourced information about the Second Amendment, the two lower court cases that became the 2008 U.S. Supreme Court decision District of Columbia v. Heller, and issues related to that Amendment and Heller.
  11. UPDATED Special Investigations Involving U.S. Presidents and Their Admins Since 1973: A new report that compares special investigations involving Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, and Trump by total cost, per day cost, total time of investigations, and other data.
  12. The Three Richard A. Clarke National Scholarly Monograph Competitions: 2011, 2012 and 2013, covering the lesson learned from 9/11; effective, alternative means of preventing violent extremism; and are drone attacks moral or legal?
  13. The U.S./Cuban Embargo: A searchable database, in timeline format, containing over 600 sourced quotes about Cuba and the U.S. embargo of Cuba from government officials, journalists, authors and others.
  14. VoterInfo: A site to be built for all U.S. Elections, with actual examples of such sites.
  15. Was the ACA (Obamacare) Negotiated by the Democrats in Secret?: Some facts of the 427-day process of turning the ACA (Obamacare) into law, including final vote tallies, the “if you like your doctor” statements, the compromises, and the 19 taxes, penalties, fees, revenue enhancements, and deduction eliminations.
  16. Who funds the NRA? A look at who funds The National Rifle Association (NRA).


IV. Books We Support

  1. ACLU in the Supreme Court: This three-volume, 2,100-page work is the only compilation extant of the 769 cases decided by the U.S. Supreme Court in which the ACLU was involved during the 20th century. Additionally, there is a small companion summary book containing all the facts and data in the three volume set, except it only has three (as examples) of the 769 case overviews. (This work is being expanded through Jan. 1, 2020, to cover the Centennial Anniversary of the ACLU.)
  2. Official Anti-Jewish Acts: This book’s goal is to find and list, with brief summaries in English (for now), all the Official Anti-Jewish Acts in the world from BC through the year 2000. (work in progress)
  3. Time Bomb: Unmasking Nuclear Deterrence: The book’s goal is to reveal the many ways in which nuclear deterrence is “misleading, intellectually bankrupt, strategically incoherent, and literally dangerous.” (Manuscript is complete and accepted for publication by Oxford University Press. Publication is expected in 2020.)
  4. Trump University: The book’s goal is to take an in depth, nonpartisan look at Trump University, from its beginning to end. The author began his research as a nonpartisan looking at Trump University, determined to sort out the truth given the divergent stories about the enterprise given by Donald Trump and his critics. The author found Trump University’s original high-minded concept — online courses for entrepreneurs developed by Ivy League professors — quickly turned into a high-pressure, get-rich-quick-in-real-estate business with more than 7,000 dissatisfied students, many of them deeply in debt from Trump U. The story is largely gleaned from thousands of court documents that include Trump University’s internal records and emails, government investigations, affidavits, and depositions from former students and employees. (work in progress)


V. Websites We Support

  1. ProCon.org: A 501(c)(3) public charity that offers sourced Pros and Cons of controversial issues. Seeing both sides of issues makes it easier for viewers to make better decisions about how they see those issues. [Note: The Chair of the A-Mark Foundation is also the Interim CEO of ProCon.org.]
  2. Vote-USA: A 501(c)(3) nonprofit that offers listings of candidates, those in office and many ballot initiatives depending on the area. This site is a work in progress leading up to the next election.


We look forward to your comments and criticisms of our work.


Steven (Steve) C. Markoff

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Updated July 2019