1. Our goals:

– Help a few people and organizations that serve a charitable, educational or humanitarian purpose,

– Produce and support research on diverse topics, normally with national public policy implications.

2. See our research:

U.S. Politics          Voting             Science           Education           Military           Sports          

3. Books we are helping support

ACLU- This three-volume, 2,100-page work is the only compilation extant of the 765 cases decided by the U.S. Supreme Court in which the ACLU was involved during the 20th century.

Official Anti-Jewish Acts- This book’s goal is to find and list, with brief summaries in English (for now), all the Official Anti-Jewish Acts in the world from BC through the year 2000.

Second Amendment- The author, using straight math, gives his conclusions about what the Second Amendment probably meant and didn’t mean, when it became law on Dec. 15, 1791, supported by the Arms and Arms related laws in place at that time.

Time Bomb: unmasking nuclear deterrence- The books’ goal is to reveal the many ways in which nuclear deterrence is “misleading, intellectually bankrupt, strategically incoherent, and literally dangerous.”

We look forward to your comments and criticisms of our work.


Steven (Steve) C. Markoff