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5/16/2024 — Pepperdine School of Public Policy Newsroom

Capstone Students Study Tiny Home Villages for the Unhoused

The article highlighted our research with the Pepperdine School of Public Policy on the cost of operating tiny home villages as a solution for homelessness in Los Angeles.
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5/15/2024 — Jewish Journal

Experiencing Oct. 7 through Virtual Reality

The author wrote, "I also produced a forthcoming website with the A-Mark Foundation, which provides nonpolitical insights from experts in the Middle East using conversational video AI. I took time to listen and learn from the best minds in the field and make their expertise available to all."
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May 13, 2024 — San Francisco Chronicle

Young people could decide the 2024 election, but how do you get them to vote?

An article about strategies for increasing youth voter turnout commissioned by A-Mark Foundation was published in the San Francisco Chronicle.
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May 1, 2024 - Boston Globe

Here’s how to get more young people to vote

An article about strategies for increasing youth voter turnout commissioned by A-Mark Foundation was published in the Boston Globe. The piece was republished by MSN.
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April 29, 2024 — LA Daily News

Many Russian immigrants in Southern California believe propaganda that Nazis thrive in Ukraine

An article written by Olga Grigoryants with funding from the A-Mark Fellowship for Reporting on Misinformation and Disinformation was published by the Los Angeles Daily News.
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April 18, 2024 — Zócalo Public Square

Will Young Americans Finally Rock the Vote?

An article written by Jane Eisner and commissioned by A-Mark was published on Zócalo Public Square, then reprinted by Times of San Diego. The piece investigates what strategies work to increase youth voter turnout.
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March 12, 2024 — Independent Voter News

Report: 6-in-10 New Voters Register Unaffiliated in States that Suppress Independent Voters

The latest report, titled "Are Independent Voters Disenfranchised by Primary Election Rules?," comes from A-Mark Foundation. According to its website, A-Mark is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that supplies "open-minded, curious citizens with the facts they need in order to make informed decisions." The group's report highlights the disparities in primary election systems in each state, along with the varying complexities of primary election rules that can shut out independent voters completely or make the process so confusing that it creates a cumbersome burden on these voters' rights.
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February 1, 2024 — Larchmont Buzz

Temple Israel of Hollywood Hosting a Teach-In on Antisemitism

This Sunday, February 4, Temple Israel of Hollywood is hosting a Teach-In on Antisemitism: “How Did We Get Here and What Can We Do?” The morning seminar will feature expert speakers on the history of antisemitism, the rise of extremism and antisemitism... Rob Eshman is CEO of A-Mark Foundation, which funds journalism and research on critical social issues.
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December 6, 2023 — Hoodline

Former Assemblymember Mike Gatto Joins LA County's LACERA Board to Oversee $75 Billion Retirement Fund

Los Angeles heavyweight Mike Gatto is back in the game, scoring a spot on the Board of Investments for the Los Angeles County Employees' Retirement Association (LACERA)... His track record is nothing to scoff at, having advised a variety of companies on investment decisions, and he serves on the board managing the A-Mark Foundation’s endowment.
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September 15, 2023 — Where the food comes from

New Research Funded By A-Mark Foundation Demonstrates Impact Of Urban Farming In Helping Formerly Incarcerated Individuals Find Jobs And Tackling Food Injustice

A south Los Angeles urban farm has successfully provided formerly incarcerated men and women with job and educational opportunities, according to a recent study conducted by Pepperdine University School of Public Policy graduate students.
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September 6, 2023 — Pepperdine School of Public Policy Newsroom

Public Policy Student Capstone Research Evaluates Urban Farming Impact

Pepperdine School of Public Policy (SPP) received a grant from the A-Mark Foundation to evaluate a program aiming to foster neighborhood cohesion and restorative justice. The A-Mark Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to present unbiased research on political and social topics.
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August 25, 2023 — Affordable Housing Finance

What Research Reveals About the Impact of Affordable Housing on Property Values

Multiple studies show that affordable housing does not harm nearby property values, according to The A-Mark Foundation, a nonprofit that recently reviewed research on the impact of low-income housing on surrounding home prices.
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August 6, 2023 — LA Times

Stop worrying, NIMBYS — affordable housing shouldn’t squash your property values

Low-income housing has a positive impact, or no impact, on neighborhood house values, according to a majority of studies reviewed by A-Mark Foundation.
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January 14, 2023 — CNN

3 investigations and 2 words no president wants to hear

Since Carter, only Barack Obama has emerged from the White House without having a special counsel or special prosecutor look at his administration. See lists of these investigations compiled by the A-Mark Foundation and The Washington Post.
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January 13, 2023 — The Washington Post

The sudden proliferation of special counsels

The Washington Post cites research by the A-Mark Foundation.
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Undated — Voice of America

History of Special Counsel Investigations

Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s probe of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election is only the latest in a long series of high-profile investigations of government scandals that have haunted past administrations and led to numerous convictions.
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October 20, 2022 - Planetizen

Unhoused People Overwhelmingly Want One Thing: Shelter

A RAND Corporation survey found that 90 percent of respondents wanted to find housing, but faced bureaucratic and logistical obstacles. Another study from the A-Mark Foundation and UCLA’s Luskin School of Public Affairs yielded similar results, with 92 percent of respondents in L.A.’s notorious Skid Row saying shelter was their first priority.
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October 17, 2022 — Zócalo Public Square

“What Do Unhoused People Want Most? Ask Them.

Two recent studies bridge the gap between well-intentioned plans and what those experiencing homelessness actually need.
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October 3, 2022 — New York Times

They Legitimized the Myth of a Stolen Election — and Reaped the Rewards

On the day the Capitol was attacked, 139 Republicans in the House voted to dispute the Electoral College count. This is how they got there.
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June 26, 2022 — The Forward

The Jewish stake in Jan. 6 is bigger than you think

Making abortion illegal may, as the lawsuit filed by a South Florida claims, infringe upon Jews’ religious freedom.
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